Thursday, June 14, 2012

More than a Month

As of June 6, Abishael is now a month old.  He is growing rapidly, and we enjoy him very much.  His Mexican grandmother loves to hold him when she comes to Huejotzingo every Sunday and stays through Monday.  His American grandparents and other relatives there have not been able to meet him, but they have seen him through his photos on facebook and through skype video.  We are working on either getting a visa for Abraham (a difficult undertaking) so that we can visit the States or on finding a way that my parents can come to Mexico to meet their grandson.  

We also will have to travel to Mexico City and fill out lots of paperwork in order to register Abishael as an American citizen.  He is already registered as a Mexican.  At the United States embassy, we will need to have proof that Abishael is our son, including photos of me pregnant, medical receipts, and ultrasounds.

A week after Abishael was born, we started reading classes again.  I have a varying number of students, but several of them have attended faithfully, and one girl is almost finished with the first book, lacking only one lesson to end.  We will give her a certificate of completion once she finishes.

The Sunday afternoon kids' club continues.  Before Abishael was born, Six and I began teaching the kids how to embroider.  Actually, we taught some of the kids and helped others practice what they already knew, since most of the kids have done embroidery or sewing at home.  Six hemmed the edges of muslin cloth rectangles, and couple of weeks after Abishael's birth, the kids chose patterns and transferred them onto the prepared cloth.  They will be working on the embroidery until December, and they can use the finished work as a Christmas gift.

We appreciate your prayers and support.  Please pray that we can get a visa for Abraham without any problems.  Before he and I met, he applied for a visa to study in the United States and was denied twice.  We have not tried for a visa in the three years we've been married, but we know it is a difficult process.  Pray also that we can register Abishael without complications.  Please continue to pray for the families in Huejotzingo and for us as we share the love of Christ with them.