Sunday, June 29, 2014


As I write this, the rain is falling steadily and softly outside.  What a blessing to be able to see Huejotzingo and all of Puebla be beautiful and green again and to be able to be in this house, out of the cold.  Earlier this evening Abraham and I went to visit a family that lives about 10 minutes away from us by bike.  When we left home, there was a lull in the rain, but we still had to carefully skirt puddles and thread our bikes along the grassy side of the road on the last part where there is no pavement yet.  As we talked with the family, the rain began again.  We talked a bit more, and then Abraham said we were leaving.  The father of the family urged us to stay until the rain died down, but when we looked outside at the thick cloud cover, we saw no break.  We decided to head home through the chilly rain.  Sure enough, the rainfall has continued, even just now picking up to a downpour.

Even with its inconveniences, I prefer the months of rainy season over the months of dry, dry, dry.  With the almost daily rain, the sky is washed clean of dust, the vacant lots fill with wild flowers and grass, and the nearby volcanoes become covered in snow.  Farmers sow their fields with corn and beans, and everywhere there is refreshing green.  Huejo becomes a pretty place all over again.

Here in Huejo Abraham and I continue with almost the same ministry schedule as during the Puebla Christian School academic year.  The year ended with May, and so Abraham no longer teaches at PCS on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This means that he is home in the afternoons when the children come for tutoring.  He works with them on the multiplication tables after I read with them, since we discovered that many of them - even the older ones - don´t know their multiplication facts hardly at all.

On Saturdays we have English class from 11 to 1, although the number of students has dropped off some.  The first hour we work on review of what we have taught before, and the second hour is dedicated to new material.  At 1, those who choose to can stay for a paragraph-long Bible story which I give in English, using pictures to help.  The students take home copies of the story.  I record it, and Abraham then puts it onto facebook for the students to hear and practice.

Please pray for us as we work in Huejotzingo.  Pray as the vacation Bible schools for the church and also here at Huejo fast approach.  The church´s is the third week in July, and the one here is the last week.