Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

 Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  In the Lechuga Greenlee family, we will have a small, quiet celebration at home.  Mexico doesn´t recognize Thanksgiving, so most of our friends and family will be working or in school.  Only a few people will join Abraham, Abishael, and I for a moderately traditional feast in our home.

Visual overload in Chignahuapan
Recently we went with teachers from Puebla Christian School to Chignahuapan, a place known for its hot springs, for a church with an enormous statue of Maria which attracts thousands of pilgrims each year, and for handmade Christmas spheres.  We spent several hours among crowds of other sphere-seekers, amazed once again by the variety of beautiful decorations available for excellent prices.

Repurposed old jeans
old t-shirts make hats and scarves
Christmas has also arrived to the Tuesday evening craft time with the pre-teen girls at our house.  There are so many ideas on the internet for DIY Christmas decorations.  What did we ever do before the net was invented?  The three girls who first started coming when we started craft nights continue to come faithfully, and they have been joined by two more girls.  We have almost finished reading through Proverbs and have made a wide variety of desserts and decorations in the months we´ve met together.  The girls have opened up about difficult situations in their lives and have also deepened in their friendships with each other.

Speaking of Christmas, yesterday I pulled out our decorations from under the bed (amid dust and dust bunnies), and rinsed the plastic tree off.  We had intended to decorate the house today, but I didn´t find the Christmas lights.  As we looked for them, we got side-tracked.  No decorating today (and we still don´t know where the lights are), and tomorrow isn´t likely either, what with Thanksgiving preparations.  Maybe Friday?

We have the blessing of being able to visit my family for Christmas again this year.  Abraham found some really good tickets, and for the first time, we can fly out of the small local airport instead of having to travel to Mexico City to fly from there.  We look forward to seeing family and have already arranged to see several friends during the time we´re in the States.

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving.  May you spend it with the people you love the most.