Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday at VBS

Thursday was another busy VBS day here.
Reviewing the week's lessons: Can you guess what they are?
A closer look at the week's lessons
Cornelius tells his story
Peter has a vision
All colored!

More from Huejotzingo VBS

The kids are still coming to have fun and learn about the Lord.

The leaders demonstrate tin can stilts
The kids racing
Abraham helps the little ones with stilt walking
Craft time

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Huejotzingo VBS 2014

It's time for VBS here in Heujotzingo. Here is some of what we have been doing:

A mouse tells the story of how Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law

Gathering for songs and Bible story.

Getting ready for a relay race.


Putting together a Bible memory puzzle

Gathering at the end of the day

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Visiting friends during the rainy season

navigating muddy roads
 Rainy season, while a blessing in many ways, does make our Sunday evening visit more challenging.  Most Sundays after kids´ club we go to the home of the family that we have known the longest in Huejotzingo.  Abraham began visiting their home during the week more than a year before we moved to Huejotzingo, and we have continued ever since.

They do not attend any church, although they are confirmed and baptized Catholics and are devoted to Guadalupe.  They used to live a few streets away from us, but not very long ago, they bought property in a place surrounded by fields and unpaved roads, and they built a house and moved there.  Now, instead of a quick walk to their house, we go by bike.

exploring outside
bouncing on the bed
Abishael doesn´t always go with us, because his grandma Six is at our home Sunday through Wednesday, so he sometimes stays with her.  However, when conditions permit (it´s not pouring rain), we usually take him with us, because he absolutely loves playing there.  The family has sheep, turkeys, chickens, dogs, geese, and other livestock, and Abish is fascinated by the animals.  He also thoroughly enjoys playing with the other kids.  The youngest is more than three years older than Abish, but they still play loud, rowdy games together and have lots of fun.

While the kids play, I am either outside with them keeping an eye out to make sure the games don´t get too rough, or if it´s raining, inside but still watching.  Abraham chats with the adults for awhile about all kinds of different topics.  The father of the family spent several years in the States, as did various other relatives, so sometimes the conversation is about his times there.  Eventually, Abraham tells a story from the Bible, and then he and the father discuss the story.  Some time after that, we bike back home.

Please join us in praying for the family, that they could have a personal relationship with Jesus.  Right now they cling to tradition without knowing much about the Bible or about God.  We are thankful that they continue to be welcoming friends and willingly listen to the stories Abraham tells from the Bible.