Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ministry Transition

Here we are, already halfway through the second month of 2015.  Incredible!

All together at the Puebla zocalo
This year, because we didn´t want to travel internationally with our newborn baby Leilani, we stayed in Huejotzingo for Christmas and New Year rather than visit family in the States.  My dad came for a week the
same week that Leilani was born, and then my sister Joy came for two weeks just after Christmas.  We had a fun time, although Abishael brought in the New Year throwing up.  We are pretty sure the stomach upset was because of his molars coming in.

Valentine´s Day game Sunday
From the time that this mission of Dios es Amor started in Huejotzingo, the primary participants have been children.  It was rare for adults to attend the Sunday afternoon activities, although they were always welcome.  During the week, once we moved to Huejotzingo, we have had tutoring and a Tuesday afternoon craft time for girls.  Within the last few months, however, there has been a change.  Several of the kids that used to come to our house moved away.  There are still a number of children in the neighborhood, but they are not interested in attending, are working, or are not permitted to come.

There is a family which lives right across the street from us, and a varying number of adults from there come over on Sunday afternoons.  The teen boys also have a Bible study with Abraham on the Friday or Saturday evenings that they are not working.  Those members of the family who wish to be there also have a Bible study with Abraham and Six on Tuesday evenings.  There are significant problems, including alcoholism, in that family.  The mother is the only one who professes Christ as her Savior, but other family members do seem to be interested in learning more.
writing Bible verses about love on salt dough hearts

Abraham and I also began a Bible study in November with another neighbor.  She too has many difficulties in her life.  She is very welcoming and enjoys the conversation and Bible stories.

Another new Bible study we have is Wednesdays in the next nearest city, San Martin, with Abraham´s sister and various people who live in the same house.  Our niece has said she is a Christian, but she does not really live like it, and most of the rest of the people at that house do not claim to have a relationship with Christ.

So now we have an alteration in the ministry.  There are still a few kids who come on Sunday afternoon, but it has become rare for them to come for tutoring or craft time.  We still have English class on Saturdays which brings a mix of children and adults.

Please pray that we have wisdom in this new season.  Pray that doors will continue to open for adults and children to know the Good News and pray for help for our neighbors and family members who are oppressed by destructive habits, health problems, and other significant problems.  Pray also for our health.  Abishael and Leilani recently finished a course of antibiotics for a nasty cough, and it looks like Abraham is sick with a new cold now.