Monday, December 3, 2012

Game Day

Extreme jenga - one lap around table,5 secs to move a piece

 On Saturday we had a game day at our house.  Two of the children showed up at 10 for their reading class, and the rest arrived at around 11 to begin the games.  The games were simple ones that Abraham had invented, some that he invented on the spot.  The kids were divided into two teams for the various competitions. 
Knock over the blocks with syringes of water

Pictionary with Christmas words
What fun they had!  They entered enthusiastically in games of which team could build the tallest tower using a mix of puzzle pieces, duplos, and blocks, who could keep the balloon in the air longest using only one hand, team Jenga, and more.  After two and a half hours of play, we served popcorn and Tang, and sent the kids home.  We will have another game day this coming Saturday.

In part we had planned to hold a rehearsal for the Christmas drama that will be this coming Sunday.  However, only three of the actors arrived Saturday, so we postponed practice.  The drama is simple, and the parts do not need to be memorized, so one or two practices will be sufficient.

There has been an interesting development this last month with one of the families that we have known the longest.  Over a year ago, two of the children entered into catechism classes and were told by the teacher that they should no longer attend our kids´ club on Sunday afternoons.  They continued attending, because the older girl said, "You teach the same thing."

This family is one that we visit almost every Friday.  I usually take a book to read aloud to the younger kids and I play or talk with them.  Abraham talks with the parents and the older daughter, and most Fridays tells a story out of the Bible.

The end of September is when Huejotzingo holds a huge festival to the patron, San Miguel.  During the festival, there are altars with figures of the angel, and people pray and bring flowers to the statue.  There are parades where children are dressed as the angel, and a statue of San Miguel is carried or driven around on a platform.  The family invited us to attend their celebration, but we decided not to.

Ever since that time, the children have not attended the Sunday afternoon kids´ club.  We still go to their house to visit, and they still listen to the Bible story.  A couple Fridays ago, the youngest girl finished reading a book with me, and then solemnly explained that they will no longer attend on Sundays because we teach something different from what they believe.

This last Sunday, however, four of them did come.  Three of them left as soon as Abraham began the Bible story part of the afternoon activities, but the older boy stayed.  The boy who stayed is the one who almost never came on Sunday afternoons and usually is not around on Friday evenings when we visit either.  The few times he did come on Sunday afternoons, he usually did not participate in any activities, but stayed aloof.  This Sunday was no different in that respect, but the fact remains that he did stay, and he did hear the Bible story. 

So, there is progress even though the kids no longer attend.  At least now they acknowledge that what we teach and believe is different from their traditions, and we are still welcome at their house.  We do not know why the boy chose to stay on Sunday, but he was there and did hear the message.  Please pray for their hearts to be opened so that they can accept the message of the Gospel.  Pray that our Friday visits can be of great benefit to them, and pray also that the parents will allow their children to attend the school that we plan to start in January.