Sunday, September 7, 2014

crafting with the girls

More than a year ago, my mother-in-law and I started a craft or cooking time with some girls.  Our idea was to provide a time especially for the teen girls who had stopped attending kids´ club on Sunday afternoons.  Those particular girls only attended once or twice, but soon we lowered the age limit and younger girls began to come to the house regularly on Tuesday afternoons.
The internet is very helpful in providing ideas for each week.  The girls have made marblized paper, cooked donuts, created paper flowers, begun to learn how to use a sewing machine, and much more as we meet each week.
learning to use a machine while making a bag

dyed egg shells decorate denim frames

making window clings
We also encourage the girls to memorize Scripture.  Currently each one is working on learning a Psalm that they chose.  Progress is slow, but hopefully they will continue to work on their Psalms and find the reward of having God´s Word in their hearts.
memorizing a Psalm while donuts rise
melting crayons

Please pray for the teen girls.  We have basically lost contact with them.  Three of them used to attend on Sunday afternoons quite regularly and would also visit our home some during the week.  One of them is now almost 20 and has young son.  Another struggles between rebellion and wanting to live a right life.  The third has become involved in many destructive practices and, it seems, is pregnant although not yet 15.

We also ask prayer for our neighbors who live in front of us.  Over the past few months, they have begun to seek God´s will for their lives.  The two younger children usually come to Sunday kids´ club, and sometimes their mother also attends.  Abraham started a Bible study with teen boys a few months ago, and three or four of the young men from that family usually join him.  The father recently expressed the desire to be baptized and asked Abraham to do a Bible study with him.  However, the family has experienced strong demonic opposition as they study the Bible more.  They struggle with alcoholism, division within the family, and problems from past involvement with witchcraft.

Thank you for your teamwork with us as we live and minister in Huejotzingo.  There are many needs here!