Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time Flies

I did not think it had been so long since I last posted.  We have been busy, as usual, and time flew by.

Unfortunately, the school that we started did not continue.  The one girl, although motivated to learn, is not allowed to come anymore.  In fact, even though she used to be at our home often, she now no longer comes at all.  We suspect that an outside influence is at work to prevent her.  Please pray for Dulce and her family.

The three kneading English muffin dough
The older teen girls so far have not come on Tuesday evenings, but the three who began coming when we lowered the age to 10 and 11 faithfully attend.  They have made flowers from recycled plastic bags, decorated old cd´s, made English muffins, designed wreaths from toilet paper tubes, and more.  Next week my mother-in-law will teach them out to make patterns for skirts.  Each week we have been reading out of Proverbs and discussing how the verses apply to our lives.  One girls in particular has opened up about her struggles as she talks with us.

Summer is fast approaching for the neighborhood kids, and we recently started an English class on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Right now we have five students, but we expect to have more once word spreads and summer begins.

Mother´s Day games
Some of the kids, playing on the patio
On May 9th, we held a Mother´s Day event at our home.  We enjoyed a time of talking with the ladies, followed by some games with prizes, and then a craft time accompanied by snacks.  Abraham had anticipated that children would also come, and he was right.  In fact, many more children came than mothers, and he was kept very busy with them as they played on the patio.  They joined us inside for the snacks.  To follow up, we instituted a monthly craft time for mothers.  At the first one, only two neighbors came, but it was a good time just the same as they talked freely about their lives, dreams, and struggles.

 Vacation Bible School is around the corner.  The one at Dios es Amor will be the third week in July.  Abraham will be helping with games, and I will be in the nursery.  The one at our home is scheduled for August 10-16.  In some ways, that is still far off, but we have quite a bit to do to prepare for it.

Please pray for the preparations and for both VBS´s.  Pray also for doors to continue to open to us as we share the gospel and get to know our neighbors.  Pray for good relationships.