Sunday, November 18, 2007

vacation - Happy Thanksgiving!

Ah, a week of vacation. Not that I don't love my job, but just now a whole week off is such luxury. Last week was a blur of tiredness - the camping weekend, then back in time Sunday to rush a load of laundry and prepare food for the Thanksgiving potluck Monday night. Monday work, then the potluck with over 30 people. It was fun but certainly not restful. Tuesday evening I skipped Bible study to work on preparation for Pumpkin Day Thursday, but Wednesday night I still went to Oansa at Dios es Amor. Because of the weekend camping trip, I was behind on school preparations, so I had to get to school early Thursday morning and rush around getting ready for the excitement of Pumpkin Day with my little ones.

We started out with several pumpkin related activities. After recess, the kids came over to my apartment to make pumpkin tassies (basically small pies) and to weigh, measure, count seeds, and guess the float-ability of a pumpkin. If you've ever had 8 excited 1st and 2nd graders crowded in one apartment, you know how tiring that can be. If you've never tried it, let me advise you to get a solid night's sleep before you do.

I was counting the hours until school got out Friday, but still it wasn't time to rest yet. At 5 I caught a bus to Dios es Amor for Bible study. This Friday the young ladies didn't have actual Bible study because it was our turn to make the snack for the church. Janelle had the idea to make turkey cookies, so that's what we passed the time doing.

Saturday passed quickly with house cleaning, laundry, and classroom fish-tank cleaning, and Janelle and I spent most of today at church and then baking. Tomorrow I'll be lesson planning and organizing some things at school and having Spanish class with Abraham, but from then on, the week is an empty slate - except for Thursday when I'll be at my pastor's house. Bliss. I genuinely love doing most of the things I listed above, but there has to be time off once in awhile. Thank goodness PCS takes the whole week off for Thanksgiving!

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Jessica said...

Fish tank cleaning?

When did you get a fish tank?