Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last time

Summer time has evaporated away, and only a week remains before I will be in Puebla once more. One trunk is entirely packed with school supplies which means I'll have to pay extra extra for a second piece of baggage (I'm traveling on an airline that charges for the first piece so it's anybody's guess what the second will cost).

This evening my sister and I went to the Huntington Beach street fair for my final visit for a long time. We spent more than an hour watching the Etcheverry brothers. You have to see them play to believe it's possible to play like they do. Try looking them up on Youtube as Seis Cuerdas. After they'd finished, I asked for a picture with them, just because.

A couple of weeks ago while I was at the beach with a friend, she noticed that one of the bouncers working in a bar we passed had the unlikely name of Muffin embroidered on his shirt. This nickname (or at least I assume it's a nickname) particularly amused me because his appearance is very un-muffin-like. I think I rather startled him when I marched up and asked for a picture, but he politely agreed.

Today was my second-to-last working at Newport Mesa. I'll be doing data entry Monday, so that will be the final goodbye. Just to prove I didn't spend the whole summer on the beach, out with friends, watching concerts and Shakespeare, and generally gadding about:

Be sure to keep tabs on this blog. The next post - or perhaps the one after - will be from Puebla! Please pray that all the traveling goes well for everyone going down for the new school year. I'm nervous about my flight to Puebla. It's one with a lay-over somewhere in Mexico, and I have to change airlines there. None of my previous LAX to Mexico City flights have left on time, and if the flight leaves late this time, there's a chance I'll miss the connecting one. That wouldn't be exactly exciting. I also don't know if I'll have to claim my baggage, go through customs, and the recheck the baggage with the new airline during the lay-over. I know I have to go through immigration there, but hopefully the other mess can wait until Mexico City.

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