Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the month of January

Nine days ago, we had hail: unseasonable and unexpected and cold. Now we are back to Puebla's generous sunshine and dry, dry, dry.

In December, Manuel and Ruth asked Abraham and I if we would be willing to take over the intermedios at church on Wednesday night - the group of kids approximately the same age as my students at PCS. We agreed to give it a try and started at the beginning of this month. Our group has six members at this point. We are taking them through the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes to study Solomon's choices, our choices, and how to wait for everything in its time. Soon we'll have them over to our house to watch the movie El Estudiante, play games and, of course, eat.

At school, I showed my students two brief news items about the earthquake in Haiti, and asked them, "Where was God? Why did he let this happen?" They concluded, with little prompting from me, that God had not lost control but that there were many reasons why he could have let the quake happen.

On Friday we will be driving to my mother-in-law's house to make tamales. This will be the kids' first time making them, and they are excited. Their excitement is also because they will be selling the tamales after school and sending the money to Haiti.

Please continue to pray for Dios es Amor. The pregnancies of the two young women continue to sadden the people of the congregation, and the young women themselves are struggling. One of the couples married in a civil ceremony on Saturday.

Pray for Abraham and I as we are looking into buying land in Huejotzingo. We would like to live there permanently so that we can work more than just on Sundays. There are so many needs among the people.

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