Monday, July 26, 2010

Complete VBS week

VBS at Dios es Amor certainly keeps everyone busy. There are very large groups of children, and the young ones especially are hard to keep in hand. Thankfully, it was only on the last day that there was rain almost constantly; the other days, although rather overcast, stayed dry.

Sunday was the finale, and many of the more than 200 children who had attended the VBS invited their parents and other relatives to attend. In the church service, we sang the songs that the children had learned, and each age group gave a small presentation on stage. Our pastor spoke briefly, and then the children received their certificates and prizes. The service was very short, and after it ended, everyone went outside for cake and punch.

My sister is visiting for two weeks, and she joined Six, Abraham, and I for the afternoon in Huejotzingo. First, the children played soccer with Abraham, and then we gathered inside for the Bible story and songs. One young girl, Jacqueline, talked with Abraham after the Bible story, and she said she wanted Jesus in her heart. Please pray for her, that she will really understand the decision she made and that her life will be changed as a result. She is one of the children whose parents are in the States and who is living with her grandparents, many cousins, and some aunts and uncles.

We continue to pray for land in Huejotzingo. Please join us as we ask God how he would have us work in the area. There are so many needs.

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