Monday, December 6, 2010


We have found that the rate of illiteracy or near-illiteracy is quite high in Huejotzingo. There are several of the adults that either do not know how to read at all or only have rudimentary reading abilities.

One of the men that has been doing a Bible study with Abraham was commenting on how different people from different religious groups have come to his door telling him many confusing things about the Bible. "And now here you are," he continued, "Reading from the Bible and telling me different things. How do I know who is right?" Abraham challenged him to check in the Bible for himself, but that challenge is impossible right now, because the man does not know how to read. Abraham then said, "Let me teach you to read." And so he began teaching the man, but the task is difficult, because the man is now often at work from dawn until after nightfall, so for the last two weeks, Abraham has not been able to meet with him.

A large number of the children also read poorly or not at all. Several of them do not go to school anymore, and those who do often have little or no help from their parents at home. Their parents are completely absent, at work for long hours, or do not know how to read.

When we move to Huejotzingo, we hope to begin an informal school where the kids and their parents can learn to read, in addition to learning basic math. We would also like to teach English and some job skills for the teenagers. This school would of course include Bible lessons as well.

Please pray that we would find a place to live in Huejotzingo and that we would be wise in teaching the academic subjects, the life skills, and the Biblical content.

We found out this Sunday that the children who supposedly were going to be leaving for Michoacan and Oaxaca had not left. It is not clear whether they ever really were going to leave. When we saw them on Sunday afternoon, the two girls were hidden with a group of boys about their age, in their young teens. They ran off giggling when we approached, but then some of them drifted back. The younger brother of one of the boys told us that they were playing at being boyfriend(s) and girlfriend.

We began to talk with the group, and then Abraham told them sternly, "It is not your time to be playing at dating." One of the boys protested, "We were just telling stories." So Abraham said, "If you value these girls as your friends, then you won't be hiding here with them. People will begin to talk badly about them." Please pray for these young teens. They see much more sexuality than they should, and they believe it is fine for them to be experimenting. Pray for prudence for them and wisdom for us.

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