Friday, October 7, 2011

San Miguel

It has been awhile since I last wrote a blog entry.  With a less structured schedule than the one Abraham and I used to have while working at Puebla Christian School, things like regular blog entries sometimes slip through the cracks.  Since the last time I wrote, two friends visited us for a week, and my parents came for two.  Abraham and I have continued teaching classes in our home as a form of community service and outreach, and Abraham also has been going to Puebla twice weekly for Greek classes at the seminary.  I teach art at Puebla Christian School on Thursdays as well.  On Sunday afternoons the children still come to our home for Bible club and often stay after to play.

Programs such as this one were posted all over Huejotzingo giving times and dates for all activities
One of three towers full of fireworks
Huejotzingo's patron saint is San Miguel (the Archangel Michael).  Immediately following Independence Day, the festivities began for San Miguel.  Abraham and I saw part of one procession leaving one of the churches and winding through the streets, and we all heard continuous fireworks throughout the days (and sometimes nights) that followed.

The highly decorated outside of the church
On the actual day of San Miguel, September 29th, we walked downtown to see the activities.  As on other days, the fair rides and many booths selling food, trinkets, and other wares were crowded.  The zócalo, or town square, cathedral had the largest concentration of people.  Inside, the smell of hundreds of flowers thickened the air.

A table covered with San Miguel trinkets

What is ironic about the celebration, is that every poster and decoration referring to the event had the phrase ¿Quien Como Dios? (who is like God?).  However, none of the adoration was in any way directed toward God.  Our prayer is that the people here can leave their worship of others and direct their adoration to the only One worthy.

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