Monday, November 28, 2011

Blessed Thanksgiving

I hope that you all passed a thankful time with friends and family this Nov. 24th.  Abraham and I certainly did.

About a month ago, we invited my mother- and brother-in-law to eat with us.  A little later we decided to also include a friend of Abraham's from childhood and the friend's girlfriend, both of whom had been to our house before.  A few days before Thanksgiving, we also invited another friend from seminary and his girlfriend.  The day before Thanksgiving, we talked over and decided to invite a family here in Huejotzingo that we visit every Thursday.  Several of the children of the Alameda family also come every Sunday afternoon for kids' club.  On the day of Thanksgiving Abraham asked if we could ask another seminary friend to join us as well.

At 9:30 Thursday morning, Abraham and I had just finished breakfast when two ladies who have had considerable difficulties lately knocked at our gate.  They stayed and talked with us for a couple hours and then took their leave.

It was almost 11, and nothing was prepared for the Thanksgiving feast that we had invited 16 people to attend.  Abraham and I went into high gear.  Turkey in the oven, more potatoes bought for the mashed potatoes, stuffing on the stove, lots of apples chopped, pumpkin pies added to the oven, corn...Oh, and the chocolate chip angel food cake as well in case two pies weren't enough.

At four my in-laws arrived, and not long after that several of the Alameda children came.  The turkey was being traditional and not cooking on time, but everything else was ready.  At 4:30ish the two seminary students showed up, and then our last two guests arrived at 5, because they had thought the invitation was for five.

Their timing was just fine, because by that time the turkey was actually ready.  It was time to dig in!  Our feast included salsa and tortillas, since a proper meal can't be without those items here.  Although most of the food was new to several of our guests, they dug in with gusto.

Once we'd finished eating, the Alameda children left to help with chores at home, but the other friends were ready for games.  We had wild rounds of Spoons and other good-naturedly stressful games.  I dropped out of the games for awhile to skype with my family in the States.

By about 10, the play had wound down, and everyone was ready to graze on left-overs.  We all agreed that we should organize another gathering, and soon.  Abraham and I were blessed to introduce the tradition of Thanksgiving to several people who had never had it before.

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