Monday, January 12, 2009

Second semester

The two weeks in California ended Jan. 5th, and I flew back to Puebla. Gracias a Dios, it was an uneventful day of driving, flying, driving and driving again. Twelve hours after leaving Huntington Beach in an airporter, I arrived at the door of my house in Puebla.

All Tuesday I unpacked, cleaned house, and prepared lessons for the half-week in school. Wednesday morning, the students all arrived, and second semester began. How amazing that we've already finished half the year!

Friday night the PCS staff celebrated our return and successful half-week. Jenna and Joe hosted a game night at their house, and just about all the staff and some of their kids showed up to play Dutch Blitz, spoons, crazy uno, and more. All the noisy, happy rowdiness was still going strong when Abraham and I left at 10:30pm.

After lesson planning Saturday morning, I went with Abraham to San Martin where several of his relatives live. It's more than an hour from here by bus, and we arrived late afternoon. We cross-crossed parts of San Martin, walking from house to house. That only gave us time to see his grandma, a nephew, and one cousin. Many of the relatives weren't at home.

Today we began our first full week of the second semester. Back in the saddle again! Please continue your prayers for my six students and I. We're learning together, and there is never a dull moment. Also continue to pray for finances. During this time of economic difficulties in the United States, I and the other staff members and missionary families in Puebla are feeling the effects of income loss.

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