Monday, September 28, 2009


When most of the classroom ceiling looks like this, it's time to move. Thankfully, the seminary where my husband attends has a room where the fifth and sixth grade can have class. We're sharing with other seminary classes, so it's a bit awkward, but at least we're not inhaling mold and paint flakes anymore. We don't know exactly how long this move will be, since the roof is currently under repair. The leak is so bad that the classroom under mine began to leak too!

As of Sunday, Flor still had not had her baby. Although they may be wrong in the count, her father claims she is now at ten months. I've never heard of anyone carrying a baby for that long, but even if she's not a full month overdue, she's definitely past the date the doctors gave her. Keep her in your prayers. Remember she is only fourteen, and her parents are planning for her to have the baby at home.

Abraham and I went to visit Don Ezekiel as well, but he was not home. His wife told us that he has some good moments and some bad. She referred obscurely to his "going out for distraction" when he feels bad. Drinking? She didn't say that, so hopefully not. He was supposed to undergo a medical study two weeks ago, but they forgot to go, so the doctors rescheduled Ezekiel's test for another week from now. He needs your prayers.

My husband Abraham has not been selling tamales for several weeks now. He and his mom decided, with the cost of ingredients increasing, it was not worth trying to continue. I'm glad to have him home every evening, and it is good that he has more time for the abundant homework from the seminary. Please pray that he is able to keep up with all the assignments - there is a load!

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