Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's a boy (who doesn't have a name yet)

Finally Flor's baby is born. She had to have a cesarean on Wednesday, because he just didn't want to come out. Abraham and I went to visit today. Both baby and mom are healthy, although Flor is, understandably, still tired. Please continue to pray for her as she takes on the responsibility of being a mother at such a young age.

We also visited Don Ezequiel at his home, and he came to the Bible lesson for part of the afternoon. He is doing poorly and talked openly of being tired of life and of wanting to die. He said he would not make it to his next birthday which is this month. Pray for him and for his up-coming medical testing. So far he does not have a specific date for the testing, but it should be soon. He is very discouraged and is in a lot of pain.

Last week on Thursday my students joined the first and second graders for a field trip at a gigantic park in the city. We went to look for insects and composite flowers, since both classes had been studying them in science class. At first when we arrived, we reviewed the information that the children had learned, and then they explored for awhile. About half hour later, we called them back and gave them a list of items to find. Gradually as they were looking for the items, we moved toward the park's aviary, since some of the kids had brought the money to enter. Those who entered the aviary after lunch thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

My students are adjusting well to being at the seminary. It is more difficult, since we share the space and every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday the kids have to stack their books next to the teacher's desk, but on the other hand, the kids have a much bigger space to play in during recess. We'll be at the seminary for at least another month. It's very much a play-it-by-ear situation, and certainly never boring!

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