Monday, October 26, 2009

Alarm clocks

On Friday night PCS held the annual Fun Fall Fest, the school's alternative to Halloween and Day of the Dead. Like last year, this year I painted faces. Because my station was outside, I had more customers than the previous year when I was inside. The drawback was the mosquitoes. When the dark came, so did they - in great swarms.

Thank you for your prayers for Abraham and I. In the morning on Friday Abraham went with his seminary classmates to some ruins. On the way back they got lost, so the driver tried to make up time while returning to the seminary. As they sped along the road, they hit a dip and flew. The group in the car behind them said it looked as though the car would flip. Typical of Puebla, only the driver was wearing a seat belt, so had the car flipped, everyone would have been seriously injured or killed. Thank God for his hand on them.

On Sunday we visited Flor and baby Jeronimo. He is a very tranquil child and slept peacefully as Abraham and I took turns holding him. Someone from church had donated a crib and some food, so we gave those to the family. Abraham also passed by to see how Don Ezekiel was doing, but he was not home. Please keep praying.

On a quirky note: Abraham and I received the gift of a clock that takes the time from Colorado. Supposedly the clock is always exact. The problem is, Mexico changed time over the weekend and the US did not. I manually changed the clock, but sometime during Sunday night, the clock changed itself again. When the alarm rang at "6:15" this morning, I got up and got ready for the day, all the while with the nagging suspicion that something wasn't right. Why was it dark outside still? Why couldn't I hear the neighbors? When I went to the kitchen to begin breakfast, I saw the normal clock - it was still 5:35. This gave me time to make banana muffins and soup for tonight's dinner , read my Bible, and take the laundry down from the line. I still don't plan to get up an hour early every day. Until the US changes as well, we will put the alarm at 7:15.

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