Sunday, February 21, 2010


Normally this is the dry season in Puebla, a time when plants shrivel and dusty debris blows through the streets. This winter is unusual, however. On and off we have had rain, and two weeks ago the rain fell steadily for 24 hours. While our area has suffered no damage, many people in Mexico City and Michoacan have lost homes and livelihoods. There have also been several deaths.

There is more rain predicted for this week, but today is bright and sunny. When the clouds clear, we have a beautiful view of our surrounding, snow-covered volcanoes.

In class, although it is nowhere near Thanksgiving, the history book has begun teaching about the Pilgrims and Puritans. Last Friday the students made butter and and johnny cakes. They really enjoyed the experience and wanted to make more to eat.

Next week they will be in Spiritual Emphasis week, a time when the elementary children stay overnight from Saturday until Tuesday at a conference area. They participate in chapels and other activities. Many of the children are excited to see friends from the two other schools that also attend. From Tuesday afternoon to Friday, the junior and high school students attend the camp. Pray for the kids, that they will stay healthy, enjoy the time, and learn more of God.

In Huejotzingo, attendance has been regular. Some of the children and their parents came to Dios es Amor on Valentine's Day for the potluck and games. Abraham recently finished teaching from the book about Israel's captivity, and this coming Sunday he will begin the book that teaches about the post-captivity. Please continue to pray for the children and their parents in Huejotzingo and also pray that we will know whether God would have us move out there and if so, that he would provide the finances.

Pray for Abraham's and my strength and health as we work with very full schedules. We continue to spend lots of time together which is a wonderful blessing, but we both are often tired. Abraham is teetering on the edge of a cold, and he certainly doesn't need to be sick!

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