Saturday, March 13, 2010

Market Day

Fresh-cut flowers in one market shop

Get your fresh fish!

Sausage, cheese, other processed products

A man transporting a slab of meat from one stall to another

A very efficient tortilla-making machine

Abraham and I do as much of our food shopping as possible in the market near his mother's house. We can buy fresh, well priced fruits, meats, and vegetables for ourselves and for Six and Ken as well. Today we went, and I remembered to take my camera to record some of the sights of the place. It's always colorful and generally well filled with people.

It never ceases to amaze me when we go how much color and variation there is, especially in the fruits and vegetables. One time it struck me: God could have created monochrome fruits and vegetables, but in his wonderful creativity, he lavished color, texture, and shape to make each unique and beautiful. There's nothing quite like the tempting market displays to make me pause and admire the creativity of our God.

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Bookwyrme said...

You really can pick your fish out by the brightness of their eye. Make you happy?