Monday, May 17, 2010


This is the land available in Huejotzingo. It is 20 X 20 meters, and the owner is asking 200,000 pesos up front.

Yesterday Abraham went to visit a family where at least some of the children usually come to the Bible class on Sunday afternoon. None of them had come, and he went to take the birthday dessert to one of them. When he arrived, they were just getting ready to leave to take flowers to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Several of them have professed faith in Jesus as their Savior, but at this point they do not see that this means they do not have to offer flowers to the virgin anymore.

Later, Abraham asked another girl what she thought of the virgin. This girl has also professed faith in Jesus, and her response was, "Well, she's an idol, isn't she?" Our prayer is that everyone can realize the same fact.

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