Monday, May 24, 2010

News of Huejotzingo

The school year is almost over, and therefore AWANA is drawing near to a close as well. Here is a short video of the kids playing a relay where they have to carry plastic eggs on spoons in their mouths. In two weeks we will have the final ceremony, and the club will end for the summer. Meetings will soon begin for the week-long VBS that will be the second week of July.

The people of Huejotzingo, specifically the children, need your constant prayers. Recently I was talking with a man who works, together with his wife, teaching children how to protect themselves against sexual abuse. I mentioned that Abraham and I are praying about moving to Huejotzingo to work full time with the people, and he said, "That's a difficult area. There's a lot of child prostitution there." This unwelcome news made me consider again how unprotected the children who go to Bible class on Sunday are. Many of them wander around almost completely unsupervised, because their parents either work long hours or are in the States.

I also immediately thought of raising our own children there. We will of course protect them as much as possible, but parents cannot be with their children all the time. I have begun to pray already for their protection, even though they aren't born yet.

Other unwelcome news came from Don Ezekiel, a man that I have mentioned previously as having bouts of extreme pain in his abdomen. It seems he has colitis. He is also under attack from the spiritual realm.

On Sunday he talked with Abraham and told him that he has begun having horrible nightmares about killing people. He said also that there are times during the day when he is walking down the street, and he sees someone and begins to think how he could kill the person. One time someone had tools of his and claimed he hadn't taken them, and Don Ezekiel felt an overwhelming urge to kill the man and even felt as if he were being pushed from behind toward the man.

Don Ezekiel is a powerful man, and he is physically capable of giving in to these dark thoughts. At this point he is not a Christian, although he reads the Bible and believes in the existence of God. He doesn't want to give his life to Jesus, because he is afraid he will mess up afterward. He has not been able to hear with his heart that perfection isn't necessary. Please pray for him. Satan does not want to let him go.

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