Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summer for one of us

The Puebla Christian School year ended on Friday, and now most of the teaching staff has returned to the United States or will be returning soon. Summer has begun for the P.C.S. staff and students.

Abraham and the other seminary students continue in school for two more weeks, and these weeks are the hardest ones, with various projects and group work due and some exams to study for. The end is in sight, but it still seems far away.

This Friday night, with the help of many volunteers, Abraham and I are putting together an event for the single parents of Dios es Amor. We plan to have an elegant dinner and fun games for the parents to enjoy. Some of our volunteers will give shoulder and neck massages and manicures, some will care for the children while their parents relax, and some will help prepare and serve the food. We hope the parents leave the event feeling like kings and queens, knowing that their often unremitting work has been seen and is appreciated.

On Sunday afternoon in Huejotzingo, several children that infrequently attend Bible class decided to be there. As we arrived, we also passed one child who had suddenly stopped going to Bible class after his family moved away in December. Abraham stopped to talk with him, and the boy said he would attend this coming Sunday. His family life is very difficult: his father is an alcoholic who lost one wife and some children to divorce but does not know how to change his life-style in order not to lose the family he has now.

Don Ezekiel attended the Bible class again and spoke at length with Abraham afterward. He said that by Wednesday, his nightmares and dark thoughts had gone away, but the pain from the colitis had returned in full force. Please continue to pray for him.

There is a family that recently moved to the neighborhood near the place we rent for Bible class. In the small house live Oscar and Michelle and their three young children, Michelle's mother Silvia and grandmother, and Michelle's sister. Another of Michelle's sisters, named Danna, does not live with them, but Silvia has told us about her struggles with depression and her two suicide attempts. Danna's anti-depressants cost about $70 every two weeks which is terribly expensive for her. Please keep her and the family in your prayers.

We continue to pray for funds to buy land in Huejotzingo. We would like to be able to work full time there instead of only two hours a week.

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