Monday, August 23, 2010

Wonderful creation

On Friday Abraham and I joined Six and two PCS teachers on a trip to Atlixco, a nearby city that is known for its greenhouses. Anyone who is a gardener can understand that a place like this is a small foretaste of heaven. There is such a variety of trees, bushes, flowers, herbs, grasses, and succulents that I can walk blissfully admiring for hours. And choosing which plants to buy and take home? A monumental task! The prices are unbelievably low and every plant at its glossy best.

What an amazing Creator we have. Who else could come up with the heady perfume of the jasmine, the eccentric forms of many cacti, or the soothing velvet of the lamb's ear leaf?

We thoroughly enjoyed the hours poking around the many greenhouses and returned home to continue the fun finding places for the new additions to our gardens.

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