Monday, September 6, 2010

another beginning

We have begun the school year again. I am teaching 5th and 6th grade again, but this time I have 12 students. For a public school teacher, that may sound like a small class, but compared to the 8 students I had last year, it's a jump in size. Although larger in size, the class is slightly less international with several Mexicans, some Americans, two Koreans, and some students who are double nationality.

So, we begin again. I asked to have my students' art class instead of having another teacher take them. The history curriculum lends itself to many different crafts, and I'm also looking forward to teaching drawing. The kids still have other teachers for math, music, and ESL or Spanish. Abraham is their PE teacher, but I go along as his assistant on PE days.

Please pray for the school as the year begins. Pray for health, and pray that the students really grow close to God. Pray also for the teachers as we adjust to being back in the schedule and as we work with the students.

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