Monday, September 20, 2010

Fiestas and more

The week of the bicentennial of Mexico's independence from Spain provided us with two and a half days off from school, but we had more than enough to keep us busy. On Wednesday the students' last class was right before lunch, and then when the bell rang, releasing them from their classrooms, they all gathered under the school's balcony for a reenactment of El Grito. After the final "¡Viva México!" rang out, the students dispersed to various games, piñatas, or their lunch of tostadas. The festivities ended at 1:20 when the last child had left for home and two days of vacation.

For the teachers there was still grading, room cleaning, lesson planning, photocopying, and more to keep us occupied for some time. When I returned home, it was to prepare the ingredients for the tostadas that Abraham and I signed up to take to the church's Noche Mexicana. We needed to arrive early at church, because Abraham was asked the day before if he would lead the games for the party. He led musical chairs, dramas, the singing of the himno nacional, and other activities until it was time for the potluck dinner. During the meal, the final game was that no one could say 'no.' That made conversation difficult but hilarious, and in the end two of the youth won.

The celebration of independence didn't end on Wednesday night for us. On Saturday five church youth groups met at Dios es Amor for another Noche Mexicana, and again Abraham lead the games. Forty youth and their leaders gathered at 4 p.m. for three hours of fun and fellowship. Abraham is gathering quite a repertoire of group games!

On Sunday in Huejotzingo, he continued teaching Walk Through the Bible to the kids. They really enjoy hearing the Bible stories and learning the motions. We pray that God's word is taking root in all their lives as they learn more. Abraham continues to go on Thursdays to visit with the kids' parents and grandparents as well. Please keep praying for these families. Also please keep praying for land and a house in Huejotzingo so we can work there full time.

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