Monday, September 27, 2010

Four more gone

About a month ago, two of the girls who sometimes attended Sunday afternoon Bible class in Huejotzingo left the home with their grandparents, aunt, uncles, and many cousins to live with their parents who had recently returned from the States. We miss Jacqueline and Gaby, but it's probably better for them to be with their mom and dad again.

Yesterday we learned that two more girls had gone, along with their adult uncle and fifteen-year-old aunt Margarita. Last Sunday, Irene, age six, and Lina, age eleven received a call from their parents in Philadelphia. The call was to tell them that their parents had arranged for them to cross the boarder and join them in the States. The four left from Huejotzingo on Wednesday and are now somewhere near Tijuana where they will spend anywhere from two weeks to a month before making the dangerous crossing with the dubious help of a coyote. It's hard to know what to pray. That they be caught and returned? That they make it safely into San Diego and from there continue to Philadelphia to be reunited with parents they haven't seen for a long time? The best prayer comes from Matthew 6:10b "...Your will be done..."

Regardless of your views on illegal immigration, please pray for these four. They are risking their lives to cross the boarder and then travel to the Northeast in fall months.

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