Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Mexico is gearing up to celebrate 200 years of freedom from Spanish rule. At midnight on Wednesday/Thursday, thousands will gather in the country's zocalos to yell along with the president, "¡Viva México!" I'm sure it will be quite a stirring event for everyone. How different life would be here if Spain still controlled this country.

We celebrated with the kids in Huejotzingo on Sunday. When we first arrived, we played different games with various kids, and Six read with Flor, a 15-year-old who does not attend school but is eager to learn.

At about four o'clock, Abraham called everyone together, and we began playing a game similar to hot potato where everyone sits in a circle and passes a hat from head to head as music plays. When the music stops, the person with the hat is out and takes their chair with them. After playing "hat potato" we began a game of musical chairs, and then we played bingo (loteria in Spanish). There was much hilarity and noise in the room.

When the games ended, Abraham spoke about freedom, telling the Bible account of the boy who would throw himself into fire or water until Jesus healed him. Abraham reminded the children that, even though we are free from the rule of an outside country, we can still be slaves to sin. Later he talked with one of the girls who faithfully attends and asked her if she had received Jesus in to her heart. She said no. He asked what she was waiting for, and she didn't answer. Please pray for Zalma. She has heard the message of salvation many times, but her heart isn't open.

We left after 6 o'clock. The advantage of the church van still being out of commission from the accident during VBS is that we don't have to return the van to the church at a certain time, since we go and return by bus. The bus trip is much longer, but we then have the freedom to stay in Huejotzingo as long as we want.

Abraham has begun to go during the day on Thursdays as well. He is not able to take many seminary classes this semester, because the classes he needs aren't being offered. This allows him a more open schedule that he has fast filled with visiting family and friends and going to Huejotzingo. The two times he has gone so far have been wonderful opportunities to talk with the adults. On Sundays we typically only have children, but as Abraham visits, he can go to their homes, and the adults have been very open to talking with him. One of the fathers is almost illiterate, and so Abraham has begun reading aloud from the Bible, starting in Genesis. As he finishes each chapter, the man asks questions, and they discuss what the Bible says. Please pray for these weekly visits, that they help more people give their lives to Christ.

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