Monday, October 4, 2010

gaps in knowledge

My fifth and sixth grade students write journals every day, first thing in the morning. Their responses from one journal topic made me wonder and write a follow-up journal topic with the question, "How does a person get to heaven? Support your answer with verses from the Bible." They all answered some form of the response that a person must believe Jesus is the son of God and ask forgiveness for sins in order to go to heaven. Only one of the students confidently found and wrote verses. The other eleven exclaimed in dismay, "Do we have to read through the whole Bible? Where will we find verses?" - and this response from students who are, the majority of them, children of missionaries and pastors. Also, the majority of them have been attending PCS since first grade. I cannot assume they know things about the Bible simply from osmosis.
Here they are struggling to find verses. After some time, I asked those who had found verses to share them with others who were still looking

In Bible class, I am teaching the students Walk Thru the Bible and am telling the Bible stories that connect with the WTtB motions. The students are loving the lessons, and it seems they are learning well. Abraham is teaching the same lessons to the kids in Huejotzingo, and they also enjoying the method. For the Huejotzingo children, it is a review of the stories that they learned over the past year in the Bible curriculum from Source of Light.

Please continue your prayers for the families in Huejotzingo. Pray that we can move there in God's timing and know what it is that we should do to best minister to them. We may be moving sooner than we had anticipated, because we recently found out that the seminary is selling the apartments where we currently live. If they sell soon, we have to move, and it makes sense to go straight to Huejotzingo rather than look for another place until the end of the school year. At present it's all up in the air.

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