Monday, October 25, 2010


Yesterday in Huejotzingo, the kids learned, in Spanish of course, the song of "Joshua fought (fit) the Battle of Jerico" and they heard the story of it from the Bible. To go with the story, Abraham had created a craft where paper walls were glued to a cardboard base with a hole in the middle. The walls had strings attached, and the strings fed through the hole so that when the kids pulled the strings, the walls collapsed. He prepared the walls and bases so that the kids could put them together after hearing the story. We also made sure to leave one small section, strengthened by a toothpick, for Rahab's part of the wall. The Bible tells us that she was spared, along with her family.

It was a special treat to have Jacqueline back visiting. She had moved away when her parents returned from the United States, but she returned to see her grandparents and cousins and as a result, she was able to be with us too.

A few blogs ago, I wrote about four of that same family who had left for the United States. We have since heard that both Irene and Lina arrived safely with their parents, but the two older ones could not get through and are therefore returning to Huejotzingo. Thank you for your prayers for them.

Today at school, we had an all-day field trip to a kibbutz-like community that is also located in Huejotzingo. One of my students lived there briefly with her family, and her father had told me about the place last year. On Saturday a week ago, Abraham and I visited to see if it would be a good field trip place and concluded that it was. It is a very different way of living out the Christian faith. On the hectacre live nine families and a few single people who share almost all their material possessions in common.

The compound has a school, several cabins, a dining room, and a soy production factory. It has been in existence for 22 years, with families coming and going constantly. My students heard some of the history of the place, visited the school, ate breakfast, heard about soy production, and played happily. When we returned to school, they had a huge amount of questions, and they are likely to have more tomorrow, since the dismissal bell interrupted them.

Please continue your prayers for Abraham and I in the various ministries we are involved in. We continue to pray for a place to live in Huejotzingo, and we may be moving there even before the school year ends, as the seminary is selling the apartments where we currently live.

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