Monday, October 18, 2010

Walk Thru

Abraham is teaching Caminata Biblica in Huejotzingo to the kids, and I am learning from him and teaching it in English to my students at PCS (in English it's Walk Thru the Bible). Both groups of children are learning and reviewing and enjoying as they learn. My students eagerly ask me, "Are we having Bible class today?" They listen with fascination to the stories from the Old Testament and ask about a million questions. In Huejotzingo, Abraham is teaching the Caminata as a review, because we had just finished going through important stories in the Old Testament. Even the really little kids are learning the key words and corresponding hand motions.

Abraham has been able to spend almost all day every Thursday in Huejotzingo, and in this way he has been able to talk with the parents and other relatives of the kids who come on Sundays. This last Sunday, the great-grandmother of four of our regular attenders had just died, and many family members had gathered for her wake. As a result, we had several extra kids with us in the afternoon which was a wonderful opportunity for us to share God's love with them and invite them to return.

On the other hand, however, Abraham said sadly later that night, "It happened again." When I asked what, he said, "Another person died without Christ, and we never shared with her." This is part of the reason why we feel God is leading us to move to Huejotzingo, so we can invest much more time with the people. Abraham has heard story after story of tremendous need, and by ourselves we cannot meet all the needs, but we can reflect and point to the One who can. Please continue to pray with us that we would find a place to live there and that God would show us what he wants us to do.

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