Tuesday, January 4, 2011

rabbit in the freezer

We've started school again at PCS after two weeks of vacation.  During the time off, we enjoyed relaxing at home, catching up on things that get pushed aside by work, and visiting family.  The time went very quickly.

One of the things we did over break was to use some of the garage sale money to buy yarn and small hand-held looms for "knitting" scarves.  We took the supplies to Huejotzingo yesterday to teach the kids how to make scarves.  When the scarves are finished, before Dia del Niño at the end of April, the Huejotzingo kids will exchange the scarves for gifts that my PCS students will make for them.  I hope to involve my students as much as possible in the work in Huejotzingo so that they can see another part of Puebla that they may not have been aware of before, a part where children only sometimes go to school and where many adults do not know how to read.

We hope to take the Huejotzingo kids to the Parque Ecológico on January 15th.  There are still many left-over items from the first garage sale, so we plan to hold a second one on the 8th.  What with buying Bibles, the yarn and looms, and giving Marta money to start her business, we have used most of the first garage sale money, so we hope to sell well in the second one.

On Sunday afternoon, some of the Huejotzingo children who usually come in the afternoon did not join us, so Six went to visit the family.  When she came back, she handed me a plastic bag that had a dead rabbit in it.  The father, Don José, often goes hunting with his brother and his boys, and they had shot some rabbits and gave us one as a gift.

That made for some interesting learning for Abraham and I, neither of whom had previously skinned and gutted a rabbit.  Don José and his family would have laughed uproariously at our clumsy efforts, but Sunday night, we did manage to skin and clean the rabbit and now have it waiting for us in the freezer.

This week Abraham and I will only be teaching one day at PCS, because we will be going to a conference in Mexico City.  It is a conference about using sports for evangelism, and a group from the United States will be teaching.  We do not know any other details about the conference, but we believe it will be a good resource for Huejotzingo.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  We are looking for a place to live in Huejotzingo.  We are still praying that God will provide the funds to buy land and build a house.  One of our friends at Dios es Amor is an architect, and yesterday he offered to make house plans for free.  Another man who lives in Huejotzingo is a contractor and has offered his help building, and the father in same family that gave us the rabbit is a master builder as well.  God has provided the plans and several builders, so we pray he provides the land and materials.

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