Monday, January 24, 2011

A week in review

Silly hair night at AWANA
Every month or so in AWANA, the leaders organize a silly theme.  This last Wednesday night was silly hair night, and the kids and some adults came with wild 'dos on display.  For snack we had cupcakes decorated with candy faces and goofy "hair."  After AWANA ended, Abraham and I stayed as we always do to lead the junior high group.  The group is a very small one, usually with four or five preteens gathered with us in the home of one of the ladies who lives on the property.  Normally we discuss Bibles verses, sing, and talk about how the week went.

Abraham preached at Dios es Amor on Sunday, talking through Psalm 73 and the questions that the author, Asaph, has about people who do wrong and still seem to prosper.  Later, in Huejotzingo, we read the same Psalm with the children and then split into two groups to put together accompanying dramas.

This week on Friday Abraham and I will be starting a discipling study with a couple that occasionally attends church.  The young man is a Christian, but he has struggled with his relationship with God, and the struggle is reflected in his relationship with his girlfriend.  I will be studying with her.  She is not a Christian and has had many difficulties in her life.

We hope to take the children from Huejotzingo to the Parque Ecologico this coming Saturday.  We have no idea how many children (or adults, since they are invited as well) will go with us.  One of the parents has doubts about whether we will return the children, so he has forbidden the children to go with us.  We invited the father to join us, but he will be working.  Please pray that the children who do go with us will stay safe, have a good time, and help the uncertain father to see that we don't intend any harm to his family.

Throughout the week, Abraham and I continue teaching at Puebla Christian School.  Abraham now has an extra PE class, so that he teaches five classes a week.  Starting Monday, I took on the art classes for the 1st - 4th graders in addition to the regular teaching with the 5th and 6th grade.  Some afternoons Abraham also tutors two of the PCS teachers in Spanish.  Please pray for us as we work at the school, help at Dios es Amor, and minister in Huejotzingo.  It's a busy schedule, and very tiring.

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