Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan. 1, 2012

Snack time
Happy New Year!  Abraham and I brought in the year quietly with my mother- and brother-in-law at their house.  We ate pizza and watched Ever After, and then, shortly after midnight, we all went to bed.  We wouldn't have much opportunity to sleep in on Sunday.

Abraham was scheduled to give a short message in the church service, and the bus ride from Six's house is two hours to the church.  The attendance on Jan. 1 was sparse, being as most congregants were probably traveling.  The service was also much shorter, so we were able to get back to Huejotzingo in the afternoon without hurrying.

Most Sunday afternoons the number of children at the kids' club is between 12 and 15.  Yesterday afternoon however we had 21 children at the house.  Four of the children returned after an absence of four months.  Hopefully they will continue to come as they did before.

After our usual time of various games, puzzles, and coloring books, we played a game with everyone together involving the names of fruits.  Abraham used this game to introduce his lesson on how we should bear fruit throughout the year by means of maintaining a close relationship with Jesus.

Even after the lesson and snack, most of the kids stayed for awhile, enjoying more games and fun with us and their friends.  We are thankful for the participation of the children and the return of the three brothers and their sister yesterday.  It was an encouraging and blessed way to begin the new year.

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