Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dutch Blitz

The first week of second semester went almost without hitch. My two new girls arrived with an army of cousins who are scattered throughout the grades. Getting the new two acquainted with classroom procedures kept me busier than usual, as did explaining the math vocabulary that Saxon Math uses. However, they'll soon know the routines, so that won't be an issue for long.

On Friday I passed a peaceful evening cooking the main dish that will last me for the next few weeks (in fact I'll probably freeze some - there's an enormous quantity) and reading. I probably should have cleaned the fish tank in the classroom. Someone's been feeding the fish after school, and the tank is filthy after only a week. However, since I didn't clean it Friday, I'll have to do that today, along with lesson planning.

Yesterday was a beautiful warm day, so while the laundry was running, I stayed up on the roof just enjoying warmth and sunlight. Lately the days have been marvelously warm, although our apartment and my classroom are still morgue-like. I don't think they'll ever catch on to the weather change, especially since it's still quite cold at night.

I took care of some house cleaning, and then met Bethany at the gordita stand that's next door to PCS. I kept commenting to Bethany that I still hadn't eaten at the popular stand, and she finally said, "Well the question is, are you going to?" With that, we made plans to do Saturday lunch.

Once we'd eaten, Janelle and I walked downtown. She needed Oansa (awana) prizes for the boys, and I wanted to pick up a talavera item that I'd ordered in December. The poor shop owner was terribly embarrassed when I asked for my order. "Oh no! I forgot!" I assured him it didn't matter, since there was no hurry, but he gave Janelle and I free dessert plates anyway.

In the evening, Bethany and I went along with a young lady who is visiting her family for awhile to the home of PCS's new teacher. We played Dutch Blitz for a few hours and laughed a great deal. I need to polish up my Dutch Blitz skills; my score was 3rd of 4!

Janelle's computer is used for the church's power point, so we always go a little bit early. We also usually stay late as well and get home around 2:45. That's one of the reasons I try to have lesson planning done before Sunday, but oh well, it didn't happen this week.

The church sanctuary and its basketball court.

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