Saturday, January 19, 2008


I should be at school lesson planning. I really should. But I'm not. I've done just about everything that I need to do this weekend except lesson plan, and now I'm inventing things that I might just possibly have needed to do, but not really. I enjoy teaching a whole lot, but the planning, well, not so much.

This past week was busy. School went as usual, except that I also had to do report cards since the semester ended Friday. This was the last week for one of my students, since her dad's business is moving the family. I will however be getting two new girls Monday. They are both second graders. It's kind of too bad that they're girls because now I'll have seven girls, and the two boys will remain the only ones. At least the two of them get along well.

Monday I had my Spanish lesson as usual after school and staff meeting. When the lesson ended, we went out behind the house to play basketball with the young boy who lives at the house where I have my lessons.

On Tuesday the PCS staff went out to eat for Jenna's birthday and to welcome a new teacher who flew in that day. We had fabulous Italian food.

As usual Wednesday I took the bus to Dios es Amor for Oansa (Awana) and youth group afterwards. When youth group ended, we played some basketball. I have a decorative bruise on one knee from tripping over someone's foot. Elegant.

Last night I returned to Dios es Amor for Bible study. We played a bit of basketball before the study started, and I managed to stay on my feet that time. I hope one of these days we'll play more soccer. I haven't played soccer in a really long time.

At the apartment we've had water issues. A plumber came Wednesday to repair a few minor problems, and just after he left, our bathroom sink began dripping. The PCS secretary called him back to ask for sink repairs, and he returned Thursday morning. - but he only looked at the kitchen sink and cleaned some more gunk from that faucet. When the secretary tried to call him Friday, he wasn't answering the phone, and now I'm waiting at the apartment (although I could be at the school too) to see if she can get ahold of him today. In the mean time, we have a bucket wedged in the sink, and we've been using the water to wash our hands, flush the toilet, and water the houseplants. Even so, a lot is being wasted.

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