Saturday, January 12, 2008

folk dance

School week one of 2008 went by without mishap. Some of my non-school activities haven't started yet, so it was a relatively quiet week with several evenings home.

In school I showed the kids how to make borax snowflakes, and the results were excellent. All of the students ended up with sparkling crystal snowflakes when the project was over.

We also researched emperor penguins. When I asked the kids if they thought polar bears ate penguins, all but one said yes. The one who went against the crowd was right - penguins live in the Antarctic and polar bears live in the Arctic.

On Thursday, my longest day with the kids, I was reading a 'Ranger Rick' article aloud near the end of the day. My youngest student raised his hand, "Miss Greenlee," he said plaintively, "Can you stop reading that? It's too long!" I guess I never have to wonder what he's thinking.

Three PCS seniors are going to Prague with honors choir in 1 1/2 weeks. Saturday evening there was a fund raiser for them. A folk dance instructor had arranged for his students to perform, and all the money from the tickets would be for the PCS seniors. The performance was incredible. The dancers performed with energy, skill, and enthusiasm. It made me wish I knew how to dance like that.

Today at church most of the PCS staff came to Dios es Amor for the farewell service for the Musgraves. Mr. Musgrave was the director of PCS for many years, but now the family is going to Queretero. The service was shorter than usual, but then we had a grand lunch. The youth group, of which I am part because I'm not married, helped serve food, and then once everyone had their food, we began to clean up. I was helping with dishes, and every time we reached the end of one mound of dishes, someone would bring "just one more" thing to wash. By 4:30 the mound was finally all washed, dried, and put away.

Although I had thought this would be an empty and restful weekend, with errands, dance performances, and farewells at church, I didn't get to lesson plans until 5:00 pm today. Hey, at least they're done before Monday!

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