Friday, March 21, 2008

He is risen!

Today is a quiet Good Friday. I attended Dios es Amor's communion service last night and will probably go to tonight's Seven Last Word of Jesus service as well. Yesterday during the last part of school, the 3rd and 4th grade class joined my class for a Seder meal. Cooking the lamb the night before made my apartment smell like a slaughter house through the night and the next day. I think the caramel pecan rolls that I just baked for Dios es Amor's Easter morning potluck may chase out the final stench of blood.

By the way, is the caramel supposed to be hard? I wasn't picturing it that way when I thought about making the rolls, but my caramel is definitely hard. Perhaps I'll keep this batch and make non-caramel rolls for Sunday. I'll get my roommate's opinion when she comes back from wherever she is.

Earlier today I was half-heartedly poking through ideas for lesson plans for when we return to school March 31st. It's too far away to want to think about but too close to ignore, because I won't be home most of Easter break.

Soon after the kids return to school, the eggs we've had in incubators should hatch. - if they're going too. Is it wrong to pray that eggs will hatch? The kids are so excited that even though I warned them we might not have a successful hatch, they'd be very disappointed if not one chick appeared from the five eggs I've been faithfully turning 2 - 7 times a day. Actually, I'd be disappointed too.

Speaking of eggs, on Wednesday I took my kids over to my apartment to dye eggs with onion skins. The results are impressive, but let me advise that if you're going to dye eggs this way with young children, you use panty hose rather than having the kids rubber band the onion skins onto the eggs as some instructions suggested. It's frustrating for the kids - and even for me - to get the rubber bands to stay in place, and we had two broken eggs as a result of some inopportune rubber band slippage.

On Sunday Dios es Amor has a sunrise service. That means Janelle and I will leave home at 5:20 in order to arrive at church to help set up for the 6 (very a.m.) service. After the service will come the afore-mentioned potluck to which I may or may not contribute my rolls with the hard caramel. Once we've eaten, the church will have an 11 o'clock service, although Pastor Manuel said it would be shorter than the normal 11 o'clock services.

At whatever time we get home, we'll go to the Oglesby's house (they are Ruth's parents/Manuel's in-laws) for lunch. A PCS teacher lives in a house in the same yard as the Oglesby's house, which is convenient, because at 5, most of the PCS staff will be getting together for a meal there.

On Monday several PCS people will be going to the Mexico City Zocalo to see Gregory Colbert's show there. I'm excited to see his work, since I've only seen a few of his photos in some magazines. Once we've seen the show, we'll explore some of Mexico City. I'm not sure exactly what places, since there's a lot to see there.

On Wednesday I'll leave late morning for Oaxaca to visit a friend that I met at the elementary camp two weeks ago. I've heard there's plenty to see in Oaxaca, so I'll be doing some looking around there before I return to Puebla Saturday morning.

God bless and happy Easter!!!

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Bookwyrme said...

I don't know about the caramel rolls. Maybe you're only supposed to serve them warm?

It's one reason I've never made them--so let me know what you find out.