Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I didn't post anything Friday, because I didn't really have anything to post. It was a quiet week. On Saturday afternoon I drove to camp to help with registration for elementary kids from home school, PCS, Oaxaca Christian School, and Mexico City Christian Academy. The little ones had camp from Saturday afternoon through Tuesday morning. Although there were some very young children - my youngest student who turned 6 in November was one of them - there were no tears. The kids all appeared to have a rip roarin' good time. I stayed through Monday night and then returned again Tuesday afternoon to help register the junior high and high schoolers for their turn at camp.

My major project this morning is to call a bunch of universities in Southern California to see if they are offering a special education class at a graduate level this summer. I have three classes that I need to take before June 2009 in order to renew my credential. If that class is offered this summer, and certain details work out for the other two, then I can return to PCS next year (also if funding continues to be available). Please pray with me that God's will is done in this case. I know I want to come back next year, but perhaps He has other plans.

This afternoon I'll be taking a bus to the Mexico City airport to pick up a friend who's visiting from the States for a few days. Her timing is perfect, because this week there is no school due to camp. She and I will go to the Cholula pyramid and see some of downtown Puebla.

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Visiting new places?

How'd the trip to the airport go?