Saturday, March 15, 2008

night time in the Puebla Zocalo

I didn't sleep well last night due to some sort of stomach bug and woke up far earlier than I wanted to. You'd think I would have completed lesson planning and taxes by early in the morning, but not so. Sluggishness set in, and I didn't get to finishing taxes or lesson planning until noon. Not that I hadn't already been at school. I went there just after getting up because of my "babies." On Thursday, much to the excitement of my students, I started two chicken eggs in a incubator. There's another incubator with three eggs in our apartment. I dearly hope at least one egg will successfully hatch. Until time for them to hatch, I have to make sure they're turned; one instruction booklet says 2 times a day, the other says 5 - 7 times. So I turn them when I think about it.

Anyhow, after finishing both taxes and lesson planning, I did most of my cleaning at the apartment, and then Janelle and I set out to look for a new teacher supply store downtown. It was closed, but El Balcon, a restaurant with very good and inexpensive food, was open, so we stopped there for dinner.

The evening was so mild and there were people everywhere downtown, so we decided to explore. We found a block full of craft and cloth stores, useful to know about for teaching supplies. Continuing to the Zocalo, we earnestly tried to figure out what some 15 or so modern art metal sculptures were, then gave that up in favor of seeing the inside of the governor's palace which neither of us had seen open before.

Finally at about 8:30 we concluded it was time to wind up the exploring and head back home before it got too late. We stopped a few times, once to take pictures of a beautiful cathedral along the street home.

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Bookwyrme said...

I love the fountain at night picture.