Friday, April 4, 2008

bread, universities, and house cleaning

Well, the chicks didn't hatch. Not one of them. By the time they'd been in the classroom for 21 days, about half the school knew about them and came in to check their progress. Therefore it wasn't only me and the 1st and 2nd graders who felt disappointment over the flop. However, hope springs eternal, and I'll be buying more eggs Sunday to set Monday. And so the waiting begins again.

In anticipation of the hatching that the eggs were supposed to do this week, I read The Little Red Hen to my kids, and they wrote and illustrated their own versions of the story. The same day, we made bread in the class using a recipe I found online. It was a smashing success.

Less successful was my attempt that afternoon to find the third class that I need to take to renew my credential before June 2009. A month ago I tried calling a bunch of So. Cal. universities to see if they had the class I needed in the summer. The response I received was a surprised, "We don't have the summer catalog yet." Silly me. Why would anyone call in February about summer classes?

Phone calls this Thursday afternoon were only slightly more effective. In fact, I only tried contacting two schools, a task that took about an hour. The first school had a long answering machine message which boiled down to "we are on spring break this week." Calling the next university, my call was transfered 6 times (including to the science department when someone misheard my question) before reaching the department that may have been able to answer my question, only no one answered. I looked online and found out that they wouldn't be offering the class I needed anyway.

I called back the first university, and finally someone actually answered. She told me to look online for the class, so I did. I found one that may be right, but I couldn't tell because the title of the class had no vowels in it, so I could only guess at what it was, and there was no class description. When I called again, the same lady said the class description was online but in a different place. I couldn't find it. I called back. She said it was there, and finally guided me through a maze of university pages to the correct place.

Now I'm waiting on my adviser at Biola to tell me if the course description is acceptable to them. If it is, I can go ahead with applying to Cal State Dominguez Hills for the missing class. If it's not, then I have to continue on the adventure of calling or searching online for it. Oh so fun.

On a much happier note, my sister is flying in tomorrow to visit for slightly over a week. She'll be the only one from my family to come this year, and it'll be great to have her here. I'll be taking the bus to Mexico City to pick her up tomorrow afternoon. Actually, my roommate has a friend visiting who's arriving at D.F. the same time almost. Janelle and I have cleaned house in preparation. For all of next week there will be four people living here.

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Bookwyrme said...

Said sister is reading over my shoulder now. We're doing some last minute prep for her departure.

Mom wants to be sure you're properly greeted.