Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the war is on!

So, as I mentioned, the bedbugs returned. Tuesday afternoon I took 'em on again. I'm getting to be quite an expert at this whole bug war. It finally occurred to me that if I wore rubber gloves, my hands wouldn't get as boiled by the scalding water I use from the shower for washing the bedding. Still, there are some things that I haven't mastered. For example...

If you are going to put your pillows in the oven to try to kill bedbug eggs, take them out before they burn...

I have yet to figure out how to wash bedding in a trunk in a small shower without flooding the floor.

I also didn't have time to wash the bedding and my pajamas before late afternoon, so that night I slept in my swim suit, with a large blanket half underneath me and half over me. The next day I had no time to take down the laundry from the line before going to church, and it rained while I was at church, so I still didn't get to put my bed back together. Well, at least I haven't been bitten again.

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