Thursday, April 10, 2008

Coexisting in the lung

This week after school almost every day, my sister Joy and I have gone out and about. We've been all over downtown Puebla and to Cholula. We also went to PCS' Root Beer Barrel Cafe on Thursday night. On Friday night we happened across a free Requiem concert performed by the BUAP choir and youth in Puebla's zocalo cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful. Tomorrow we'll see if we can leave her suitcase in airport lockers and stroll around Mexico City before her flight in the evening.

This is a steep set of under-pyramid stairs in Cholula.

Here I am, still under the pyramid.

This is at the top of a partial re-creation of the pyramid in Cholula.

The pyramids that I've been to so far in Mexico specialize in extremely short, steep stairs.

I had no idea I owned a shop on Avenida Cinco de Mayo in Puebla City.

This cathedral statue has a (live) bird he likes to hold.

Here Joy and I are "coexisting in the lung."

Because the photo is smallish, it's fairly hard to read this partial description of the Parque Ecologico. Try to read it. Vale la pena.
The "lung" has an aviary which also has a wandering iguana.

In the parque, there are several playgrounds, one of which has stylized stone sea animals.

I include this picture because we used my camera's 10-second timer quite a bit, and it was amusing to see what happened when I mistook the setting and put 2 instead.

Here's with the correct 10-second setting. We're posing with the Hombre Azul in the San Fransisco garden, one of the few places in the city with green grass right now (it's been a long time since it rained much, although actually it did rain this afternoon).

Here I'm climbing the walls in San Fransisco. There was a ladder, so why not?

There's this legend of the China Poblana that floats around here, and we tried to find out why. I still don't know. Wikipedia is of the opinion she became popular because of her clothing.

More entertaining English...

We found the strong silent type in the governor's palace in the Zocalo.

P.S. We successfully left Joy's baggage at the airport lockers and easily found the right metro to take - with, of course, the help of airport employees. As a result, we were able to spend a few hours in Mexico City. One of the most interesting parts was finding that the zocalo was in use for an enormous anti-privatizing-gas rally with thousands of people. It was absolutely packed in the zocalo.
We ate lunch in a tunnel - a long skinny restaurant wedged in an alley. The food was terrific.

After going through the extremely crowded Ashes and Snow museum in the zocalo, we wandered some more streets and found a university museum.

We took a whirl-wind tour through a couple rooms of the Cultural Museum. Confucius greeted us in the China room.

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