Friday, May 2, 2008

boa instructor

We've begun studying jungles and rain forests in class. It's quite interesting, especially when we talk about "boa instructors." Do they instruct people to death? I'm not sure, but you must be careful not to be caught by one if you ever go to the jungle.

Once more into the breach...

The bugs are back yet again. On the menu for this afternoon is spraying the room again and washing the bedding in scalding water again. Oh what fun. At least this last time the spraying and bedding-washing lasted for more than a week before I began to be chewed at night once more.

Did I mention my window fell out on Thursday last week? We have windows that swing on hinges, and they can swing quite violently in the winds that come with the rains most afternoons these days. On Thursday last week I stayed late at school lesson planning, and when I returned home, the shop keeper for the store downstairs pointed out my shattered window and its metal frame laying on the sidewalk. When I talked with our landlady, her first statement was, "I'm not going to pay for it. It broke because you left it open while you were gone." Who knew?

For almost a week, I had a black plastic bag taped over the window, and the rustling of the bag and its flapping in the wind kept me company each night. Several of the staff members at school worked to get glass back in the frame and then to return the window to its rightful place. Yesterday, they installed the window again. Hooray!

Tomorrow I'll be face painting at the PCS carnival all day. I'll be uploading pictures of that tomorrow evening.

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