Friday, May 16, 2008

Spirit Week

Spirit Week was quite entertaining. On Monday, after staying up til midnight Sunday working on yearbook (and spending way too long on it the rest of the weekend as well), I didn't have to worry about combing my hair or putting on make-up or anything. I pulled my worst wrinkled clothes out, pinned a pillow case to my shoulders, spilled some yogurt on my tee-shirt, and declared myself Sooper Slob, champion against the forces of cleanliness.

Tuesday was Weather Disaster Day, but I couldn't think of anything creative, so I wore regular clothes. On Wednesday the school was full of bright, clashing colors for Fashion Disaster Day.

Thursday was my personal favorite. With the help of face paints and a torn white shirt with red paint, I transformed my face into a mess of bruises and covered one arm with bandages for Fake Injury Day. You should have seen the reactions from people on the street as I came and went from my apartment!

On Thursday evening, I spent some time assembling a plastic bag dress. I don't recommend plastic bags for their comfort.

Friday night is the senior banquet. The ten of them are leaving for their trip next week, and then they graduate in a week. After they graduate, the rest of us only have one more week of school.

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