Saturday, May 3, 2008

the Spring Fling

The spring fling was supposed to start at 10. I woke up at 9 this morning - marvelous! - and still had to find and print out the pictures I'd use for face painting. When I arrived at the seminary a little past ten, set-up was still going on. Asi es México. It was fine though, because most people didn't arrive right away anyway.
I painted faces for awhile, but the most popular by far was when I called one of my students over to paint my face. Another of my students saw him painting and wanted to do it to. And so it began. For the next hour or so, the students painted each other and had a fabulous time.

Alyssa's artwork...

At the end of the Spring Fling, the water slide was opened up for anyone who wanted to go down. Sure, why not?

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