Friday, June 6, 2008

Back to the beach!

The first place I went on my first full day in sunny So. Cal. was the Huntington Beach library. Ah, the sight and smell of thousands of books... The PCS library tries hard, but one room with a few hundred books just doesn't compare to three floors of thousands of books, including newly published ones. What fun to find that Jan Karon and Beverly Lewis both had books recently published.

My second visit was to the beach. I dearly love Puebla, but it has the distinct disadvantage of being land-locked. The nearest beach is several hours away. By contrast, our house in Huntington Beach is within walking distance of the beach. Wonderful!

Because it is Friday, the artisans and farmers' market were set up along Pier Plaza. We enjoyed samples of the farmers' fresh fruits and took in the lively colors of handicrafts also offered for sale.

Once I had visited the two places I missed most while in Puebla, I settled down for a marathon of watching the two Biola classes my dad had attended and recorded for me, since they started while PCS was still in session. Now I'm caught up with those classes, but I still have some late homework to do. Tomorrow is soon enough for that.

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