Saturday, June 7, 2008

thoughts on fashion - a totally non-serious post

My sister went with me to Target this morning to help me shop for a swim suit, a daunting prospect for anyone. When we began browsing the swim wear section, I was amazed to see that the employees of Target had apparently allowed termites, goats, or some other cloth-consuming creature to chew on the suits. The price tags coolly requested amounts of $35 or more for suits strategically held together with string and perhaps prayers. I won't insult your sensibilities by including any pictures of those on me. While I love to try on and laugh at ridiculous fashions, that was a bit more than I was willing to try.

The shoes were another matter. You can see my usual comfortable, if definitely not attractive, preference here.
Target offered a few less comfortable options. I apologize if you actually like these shoes. To each their own, but I found them hilarious.

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