Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Little Red Hen

Last week I read aloud the story of the Little Red Hen to my students. We're starting to talk about chickens since, I suppose, they sort of go with spring. Anyway, once we'd finished reading the story, we then began making a batch of very simple bread, an experience most of the kids hadn't participated in before. They thoroughly enjoyed watching the dough rise and then kneading it after it had risen for a few hours (chanting, "Push, turn, fold" according to the directions I'd given them in how to knead). The next morning, they ate fresh bread with honey, and then the PCS teachers got to eat the left-overs.

Yesterday I assigned the students to teams, and they began writing their own version of the Little Red Hen story. It will be interesting to see how they turn out. One of the teams has an owl as their main character and a meerkat, an elephant, and a worm as the three lazy characters. My little "Happy Feet" student is in that group, and he's loving the chance to write a story. Hm, perhaps I should have the class do more creative writing.

On Sunday afternoon we took a chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, and some chocolate cupcakes for the kids at Huejotzingo. This is our first time celebrating their birthdays, and we combined January, February, and March birthdays. Two of the kids helped me decorate the cupcakes before the others arrived. When the kids came, Abraham told them the Bible story of Nicodemus and about being born again. He explained what Jesus meant by being born again, and told the children they could talk with any of the adults in the room if they wanted to be born again.

After that, those who had birthdays chose which cupcake they wanted to eat with vanilla ice cream, while the rest of the children ate pieces of chocolate cake. We plan to celebrate birthdays every three months, and we would also like to begin doing crafts with the kids once a month, but at present we don't have the funds to buy the supplies. Please continue to pray for the kids and families of Huejotzingo and PCS.

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